Defuror Edit

One of the youngest Sacred Bitches, he was chosen for the role after the Gods discovered him on the Planet Thot, having had fought off Thots for twenty years using nothing but his bare hands. The destruction of the Earth was a result of him trying to exploit his macro-fetish on Tinder. When he became one of the Sacred Bitches, he was given power by the God of Edge. He tricked the second Bootyholemcguyver into killing himself, and as a result was cursed with a remarkably bent penis. He is now begrudgingly serving the current Bootyholemcguyver, but wishes to take the power of the BootyHoleMcGuyver for himself to become Bootyholemcguyver.v4.

Biography Edit

Born on the Planet Ass in the 69th Galaxy, he was exiled at a young age from the planet after roasting the monarch, being sent to Planet Thot, where it was believed he would die. However, he managed to fight off Thots for twenty years using his bare hands, until he was discovered by the Gods and selected to be a Sacred Bitch for his achievements. Granted his powers by the God of Edge, he first used his newfound abilities to destroy his home planet.

Defuror has claimed several galaxies in the name of Bootyholemcguyver, the most notable of which is the MLPRoleplayverse, where he serves as the Galaxy's Kaiser.

After serving the second Bootyholemcguyver for ninety nine years, he began to desire the power of the BootyHoleMcGuyver for himself. As a result of his greed, he planned to trick Bootyholemcguyver.v2 into killing himself, and to take the power left. While the first half of his plan succeeded, the Gods discovered that he was responsible for Bootyholemcguyver.V2's death after Defuror foolishly bragged about his actions on Twitter. While the Gods almost all agreed to kill him for betrayal, the God of Edge managed to convince them to give Defuror a second chance. They agreed to spare him this once, but cursed him with a bent penis as punishment. As of now he serves the current Bootyholemcguyver.

Abilities Edit

Just like the other Sacred Bitches, Defuror has been granted powers by one of the Gods. His powers come from the God of Edge. His abilities include, but are not limited to:

"It was just a joke, guys": When Defuror has screwed up, and said something highly offensive, he can asspull his way out of danger by claiming it to be nothing more than a simple joke.

Leather Jacket Protection: His edgy leather jacket provides protection from most physical threats, as well as certain mental attacks.

Further Knowledge: Being the only Sacred Bitch to have seen the whole tiddy, he has more knowledge of the universe than most.