Memeus Supremus Edit

One of the original Sacred Bitches, he was given power by the God of Shitposting to serve the original Bootyholemcguyver. Following the death of the first Bootyholemcguyver by the hands of Fox News and CNN, he went on to serve his successor for the next 100 hundreds, until Bootyholemcguyver.V2 took his own life by way of Flashbang Sauce. As of now, he loyally serves the current Bootyholemcguyver.

Biography Edit

Born on February 6th of 1,000,000 B.C.E in the 420ABC Nebula, his mother dropped him on his head immediately after his birth, leaving him with brain damage for his whole life. He trained under Ass Monks during his youth to become a warrior for his race. However, his training was interrupted one year before the first Bootyholemcguyver was chosen, being told that he would become one of the Sacred Bitches. It was at this time that he was granted power by the God of Shitposting.

Abilities Edit

Having given power by the God of Shitposting, Memeus Supremus has a wide range of abilities and powers, as well as the skills gained during his training. His powers include, but are not limited to:

Shitposting Teleportation: With this, Memeus Supremus is able to appear anywhere in the multiverse by posting a picture of it.

Shitposting Lazer: By thinking gay thoughts, Memeus Supremus is able to fire high powered cum beams from his eyes.

Access to The Shitposting Stream: Due to his powers coming from the God of Shitposting himself, Memeus Supremus is able to gain direct access to the powers of The Shitposting Stream. However, he is unable to tap into the same amount of it as one chosen by the Bootyholemcguyver.

Immunity to Hypnosis: Due to being dropped on his head after birth, techniques that target the mind are ineffective on him, allowing Memeus Supremus to ignore their effects entirely.