Nibiru Edit

One of the Seven Internet Gods, Nibiru is a truly ancient being that has existed long before the universe itself. He is well known for his shitposting powers, and even creating the shitposting stream itself. Along with the other Gods, he created the BootyHoleMcGuyver. Compared to many of the other Gods, he is quite calm and resourceful. He gave power to Memeus Supremus.

Abilities Edit

Nibiru has shitposting powers that surpass the shitposting stream's potential. As such, he has several abilities beyond those of any mortal. These include, but are not limited to:

Shitposting Lazer: With just a thought, Nibiru is able to fire planet-destroying cum from his eyes.

Teleportation: Nibiru is able to instantly able to appear anywhere in the multiverse.

Shitposting Mind Crush: Able to easily destroy any opponent, Nibiru can destroy an opponent's mind by revealing to them every single shitpost ever made all at once.